Major Asha Update Hits Now With Mix Radio and New Camera


As promised, the 2nd Major update for the Nokia Asha Line up has arrived. The update brings Mix Radio, an improved camera with audible selfie assistance, Panorama, OneDrive support, Facebook likes, Twitter re-tweets and birthdays in Fastlane and built-in parental controls.


The new firmware not only arrived for the Single SIM devices but also for the Dual SIM device under the Nokia Asha series.

The update will be rolling this week and will be notifies as a push Notification. Also one can manually check for the update too. Asha 500, 501, 502, 503 and 230 will get the update as noted.

The Selfie addition in the camera application will help with voice commands to get your face in the center and then click. this will save alot of time though.

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