Map Wars: Google vs Apple


If you love going to different and unfamiliar places or if your work requires you to do so, it would be much of a trouble if you have to stop by every time to ask directions from the locals. Fortunately enough, electronic and smart maps are now available to be downloaded to our phones. And of course, when it comes to smartphone applications, Apple and Google will be the top contenders. Well, they did not disappoint as today,users are can choose Google Maps and the Apple Maps. As to which one is better than the other in this maps was, we are still to find out.

Map Google vs Apple


When you are lost in a new city or running late for your appointment with your client, the last thing you want is a slow responding application. Speed for the first Google Maps when viewed on your tablet or phone takes a little time. This would even worsen if your mobile connections are ridiculously poor. Good thing it got an upgrade that it was able to give you the location of a building in a jiffy. Zooming in to the streets and navigating through the area will just be easy. As per Apple Maps, it scored relatively faster compared to the new version of Google Map. So in this battle, I will give Apple Maps the trophy for speed.

Giving Specific Directions

Electronic maps that give turn-by-turn directions can be a spoiler for adventurous souls. But then again, they were developed because they’re very useful. Both Google and Apple Maps give concise directions such as “go five miles then turn left on the third corner”—great for driving. In terms of aesthetics, Apple maps has the upper hand here as it looks prettier than Google’s. But when directions are getting a bit complicated, Apple maps’ screen can get a little messy. The strong side of Google maps here is simplicity; not much going on but it gets the job done. But considering both strengths, I declare that this round be a tie.

Map Wars: Google vs Apple


This has got be the most important factor in this list. There is no point in looking in a map that gives you wrong details anyway. Google Maps faired great in this one as it will give you 10 correct answers out of 10 searches—maybe 9 if you are searching in an undeveloped map area. The downside, however, of Google Maps is that it sometimes interchange the buildings and business shops; it’s a minor thing but it still needs to be mentioned. This fight is falling down on Apple Maps. There is a lot yet to be changed and developed in Apple Maps system. Though it gives you a chance of a correct location, accuracy is not the strong suite of Apple. Clearly, this category goes to Google Maps.


Heads up: Google wins this category. This is because the maps looks better and gives better perspective. Though both maps can give you satellite views. Auto complete feature of Google Maps gave it the win. As soon as you start typing the name of the bar or pizza shop, chances are it will be able to find the location just before you finish typing the whole name of the place. Bad thing about Apple map, even if you typed in the whole name, it won’t even know it exists. The images can also look weird and distorted, something Apple is surely working on this very moment.

The Verdict

With 2 wins, 1 loss, and one draw, Google Maps has defeated Apple Maps in this round. To give Apple some credit, it’s still pretty new in the market. Surely, in the near future, there must be a rematch. We’ll know by then if the Apple Maps will come out better, stronger.

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Yuki Reilley
Yuki Reilley
September 4, 2013 07:42

Availability — on andriod only Google

On iOS — both

Winner google

Shazmil Nassar
Shazmil Nassar
February 15, 2014 13:51

are you serioously in comparing. . . you comparing cat vs lion. . .its obviously that google has everything in detail and all around the world. . . its been there in ages. . . so think hard before comparing