MediaTek brings on chip System for Internet of Things (Devices)


MediaTek has introduced a new kind of System on a chip to power Internet of Things. You might hear dof the term IoT where there’s a connection between computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

iot mediatek

So, in order to attain the IoT objective, MediaTek has introduced a small chip on System. It will allow machines to interact with each other without any major power source. It can communicate with NB1 and NB2 bands to different devices within a house.

It works on a connection technology which is different from WiFi connections which is power hungry. Mediatek introduces Cortex-M processor (104MHz) which will connect with different devices in above mentioned bands.It will provide indoors coverage at low cost and minor use of power.

The aim behind this new chipset is to bring battery backup of several years after one charge.

Well, we hope this to soon surface in daily used things. It’s partners will be able to use this new invention in upcoming few months. So, get ready for AI units to control your home appliances.

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