MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ goes official with iQOO as the first OEM to use it


MediaTek has been lagging behind Qualcomm for years in terms of flagship mobile chipset. To solve it, the Taiwanese chipmaker announced Dimensity 1000 late last year. It has been over 5 months but still, we haven’t seen any smartphone with this SoC. Amidst this, the company has announced an improved version of this chip called Dimensity 1000+.

MediaTek Dimensity 5G Chip

There’s no major difference between the old Dimensity 1000 and the new Dimensity 1000+. The new ‘Plus’ variant is similar to what Qualcomm did last year with Snapdragon 855+.

Below mentioned are the new additions in the MediaTek Dimnesity 1000+

  • 144Hz FHD+
  • HyperEngine 2.0
    • Resource Management Engine for minimal power consumption during gameplay
    • Upgraded Network Engine enables call and data concurrency as well as intelligent switching between 5G and 4G.
    • Rapid Response Engine enables lag-free gaming experience with multi-peripheral co-existence
  • MiraVision Engine
    • AI-PQ enhances 4K videos in real-time by dynamically adjusting per frame contrast, sharpness and color levels.
    • Enhanced HDR10+
    • SDR to HDR conversion

Apart from the above-mentioned new features, the Dimnesity 1000+ is basically a Dimensity 1000 from top to bottom.

Strangely, we are yet to see a smartphone powered by Dimensity 1000. On the other hand, iQOO has already confirmed to be the first to launch a smartphone with the newly announced Dimensity 1000+.


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