Microsoft Pulled Google Into Motorola Lawsuit Over Android


So now Google is not behind patent lawsuits, recently Microsoft pulled Google into Motorola lawsuit over Android. In detail, Microsoft said on Friday it plans to add Google as a defendant in Germany in one of its patent actions against Google’s phone maker, Motorola Mobility. Microsoft contends that Google’s Android infringes its software patents but so far has pursued handset makers rather than Google itself for payment of royalties. So now google will defend its company, motorola and Android in court.

Google Team replied to it by saying:

“We want to focus on innovation, not litigation, but we’ll vigorously defend against any amended complaint Microsoft files.” -Google Deputy General Counsel, Allen Lo

Earlier Google and Motorola did just win a victory against Microsoft in the Mannheim regional court, which ruled that Motorola was not infringing on a Microsoft patent that covers single applications that can run on multiple handset devices.

Earlier Google Bought Motorola for $12.5 billion and its now approved by US, European and China regulators. Google got 17000 patents out which only 18 are useful for Android. Google bought Motorola mainly due to Patents which costs around $5.5 billion of total deal.

So now its interesting to see how Google handles it?



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