New Nexus Doubles the Benchmark Scores of Previous Nexus


When the Google Nexus was announced the team that launched it, ensured almost double increase in the entertainment and experience and performance, 1.8x to be specific.An 1.8x increase in the CPU performance, and almost 4 times better performance in the GPU, as compared to the previous version of the Nexus. And already we know that the pixels on the screen are more than double with the coming in of the WUXGA resolution.

new nexus vs old nexus

The previous nexus used the Tegra 3, while the new Nexus uses the Snapdragon S4. They both are Quad Core processors, the older one has Cortex A-9 cores, while the new one uses the Krait Cores, which have been significantly clocked at a higher speed to boot.

nexus 7 becnhmarks

In the Geekbench 2 scores the New Generation Nexus almost doubles the CPU performance and CPU score.Also we noticed an intresting fact that the Krait cores scored a lower integer and floating points, but the faster memory allowed it to produce faster results and climb up in the scores.


As we knoe the Older Nexus had some issues with the internal storage in terms of speed, and the new Nexus has definitely improvised on them and resolved them, the benchmark scores prove it. Androbench reported much faster sequential read and also double random read and also write speeds. Also note that the Android Police guys performed these tests on Nexus 7 running on 4.2.2, and they re tested for the 4.3 version but there were no significant changes in the result.



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