Nexus 5 And Android 4.4 Looks Flaunted in a Video


There have been several leaked images around about the Nexus 5 and upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat. But now we have something more interesting, a 7 minute video summarizing the leaks as off now.


The video is by , and it starts by showing the Nexus 5’s curvacious body, and the rubberized back, the same one that Nexus 7 2013 version had. The Nexus 5 will also be manufactured by LG, and the video also shows the two speakers on either side of the Micro USB post, making a possibility of stereo speakers.

Once the design and looks of the phone are done, the KitKat  interface is showed off in the video, the Wifi, clock, and battery all are made white in appearance. The build is older, and is missing some of the features like the transparent notification bar, Google photos, and also the YouTube app is not updated, and seems old. The messenger app is nowhere found, also the hangouts app is missing, and also the phone doesn’t have a horizontal Nexus logo over it,  making it a possibility that it might just be a prototype.

Though the video doesn’t offer much leaks, but it does offer the new looks of the Nexus 5, which seem to be good.



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