Nexus 7 32GB Coming At Same Old Price


Nexus 7 32 GB is getting lot of attention these days as if its real then it will be first Nexus device having 32GB internal memory. Earlier this week merchant in UK also showed off some details regarding Neus 7 32GB model. Now according to Android Police new Nexus 7 32GB version will hit market at same price as that of Google Nexus 7 16GB model.

Android Police leaked pics of Staples Listing, 32GB device is not at same price a few dollars cheaper than the 16GB model. According to Staples, the new version of the N7 could launch as soon as October 18th. According to today rumor, Nexus 7 32GB will be available in Q4 of 2012 which is already here. Let’s wait watch what happens next?

So guys will you going to buy it or not?

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