Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Sony Xperia Z1 : The Epic Competition


We recently got to know about the Nokia’s Buyout clause, and now the company is officially owned by Microsoft. Well, moving towards the topic, Mokia (Troll called Microsoft + Nokia = Mokia) revealed their powerful camera phone, Nokia Lumia 1020 with better image optimisation and much more specification to give a special tint of awesomeness to your pictures. Nokia lumia 1020 features 41MP camera, PureView sensor with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. The Camera resolution is 7712 x 5360 pixels and it comes with standard auto focus. The sensor size is 1/1.5 inch, f-number/aperture is f/2.2, and the focal length is 26 mm and Camera minimum focus range 15 cm.

lumia 1020 vs xperia z1

But, on the other hand recently revealed Xperia Z1 has almost stormed all the Android folks out there! With an award winning “G-Lens” with CMOS Image Sensor and with 20 Mp rear camera, almost giving a tough competition for Nokia Lumia 1020.

So we just compared these two different but awesome devices, and here are the results.

5 . Build and Design Quality

Well, the bulging and unwanted curve on Lumia 1020’s back is a major drawback, and doesn’t suits up for handling too. But, nevertheless they had set up an awesome quality and build which is a good promise for the customers, but it’s not that attractive to pull out folks as Nokia Lumia 920 did so ultimately it’s kinda negative point for Nokia.

But on the other hand, Xperia Z1 had been made whole up from aluminium and tempered glass on the front and back ensures beauty and durability.

4 .  OS Factor

While Sony Xperia Z1 Runs on Android 4.2 but Nokia 1020 runs on Windows 8. Although we admit that Android is on the nerves of every folks out there, but Windows 8 do promises much. For those folks who wants a change in their taste, they may shift to Windows 8 for a better taste.

SO ultimately, here too we go with Xperia Z1 over Lumia.

3 . Waterproofing Qualities

While the trend was first setup by Sony, but it slowly moved along other devices and now most of the devices are now having waterproof capabilities. The Z1 is IP55/IP58 rated and thus most of the customers tend to buy Z1 rather Lumia 1020.

2. Display
Nokia Lumia 1020 has 4.5″ 720p AMOLED display which can’t be compared with Sony Xperia Z1’s 5″ 1080p TRILUMINOUS display. The pixel density of Z1 is much higher than 1020. Thus the display is also one of the downsides of Lumia 1020. So at this stage almost at every point Z1 has a edge over it’s counterpart Nokia Lumia 1020, lets check if Lumia have a chance over the last sect.

1. Performance and Power

Nokia Lumia 1020 is powered by Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon processor. A 880 $ phone with just a Dual Core phone? Hmm, I hope that almost most of the folks would never prefer this phone for it’s processor and especially for all the gamers.

Whereas Sony Z1 is powered by an unleashed 2.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which is the best in its class.

SO, here is my final verdict to you, that you should go for Xperia Z1 rather than Lumia. What’s your hearsay? Do tell us more in comments

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  1. But the main thing that is in play is the camera. We want to know how the camera’s compare. We want to know if the Xperia Z1’s 20mp has a better performance camera-wise and beats the nokia lumia 1020 by a margin or vice versa. Eager to see the results. To every new phone Sony releases i go like, “This is probably the best phone Sony has released to date.” And they haven’t disappointed me yet.

  2. The lumia 1020 blows the Z1 away in controls,exposure times,lowlight detail etc but bash on android kid.
    Love my W8 desktop wich runs everything and my WP8 fits very well within that system its not the mess from Android that start too stutter on even 8 cores whatever. even my single core lumia never did that. And gaming yes directx 11 my friend. Its growing steadily things will cange and u have too put your karma in another smartphone some day.


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