Oneplus 5 Wallpaper Reveals Display Specs


As we already know Oneplus is going to launch the “Oneplus 5” instead of 4. Now a screenshot of wallpaper Oneplus 5 gets leaked online. The Wallpaper is posted by the popular leakstar Evan Blass of @evleaks on Twitter. The screenshot posted online suggests that OnePlus 5 display will sport Full HD resolution.

Last week there is a report in Korean Daily which suggests some specs of new Oneplus 5. According to the leaks Oneplus 5 will be packed with 23 MP primary camera, It might have 256 GB storage variant also. The OnePlus 5 is rumored to feature a ceramic body, similar to the Mi MIX. There’s going to be 6GB – 8GB of RAM with 4000 mAH of battery.

Coming to via Oneplus skip the number 4, Because in China the number 4 is considered as unlucky. However, There’s no verification of the things that has been published. So, take these as pinch of salt.



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