Opera Max 3.0 updated with new Facebook tools and UI


Opera Max app was recently updated and has added a few interesting features. It is a very popular as it has about 3,00,000 downloads.

Opera Max 3.0

Already, Opera Max has the basic features, but with this update it added a few more. The users will now get tips to save their data. It will provide you with data usage reports with which you can manage your apps properly.

With this new update, now the users can use the data saving tool made only for Facebook. And it also has embedded its own built-in Facebook App.

I have earlier used Opera Max and it really is a great app. This new feature I am sure is interesting. When it comes to Facebook, I am not an avid user of it. But then if you are, I would suggest you to surely once look at this pretty app.

The next most trending thing about it’s update is the personalized data saving option. What else you need you will be getting a new smart assistant which will provide you how much data your apps are consuming on individual basis. You will also be getting tips on how to reduce the data usage in a clean card UI format.

I am sure for individuals who have data based plans which are limited ones it will be of great help.

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