White HTC Butterfly Gets 400,000 Pre Orders In China


htc butterfly front back

HTC Butterfly launched in China a month back and already gained half a million sales. But Some days ago White HTC Butterfly starts pre orders started and in just 24 hours HTC collected about 400,000 pre orders of it. Its the same variant of HTC Butterfly which went on sale month ago except color. This is record by any device to gain these much sales after its launch in different color.

You can buy White HTC Butterfly at same price of old variants and that is 4,799 yuan, which amounts to approximately $772. It is cheaper than the Japan version (around US$844), but more expensive than the US version (around US$600).

Chinese version of HTC Butterfly has a waterproof screen, no LTE support, and no wireless charging. While other specs are all same. below is the difference between HTC DROID DNA, HTC Butterfly and HTC Butterfly J:


  • Micro SD card slot — NO
  • Waterproof display — NO
  • LTE — YES (but only 700 MHZ)
  • Wireless charge — YES 

HTC J Butterfly:

  • Micro SD card slot — YES
  • Waterproof display — YES
  • LTE — YES (Full LTE)
  • Wireless charge — YES 

HTC Butterfly:

  • Micro SD card slot — YES
  • Waterproof display — YES
  • LTE — NO
  • Wireless charge — NO

You can also checkout HTC Butterfly promo below:

In China HTC is also coming up with remote like device which will allow you to make phone calls, send text messages, capture photos, play music – all remotely. This device is also called HTC Mini.

It looks like that HTC is coming back on track and hope it will.

Hope HTC will launch Butterfly in Europe and other Asian countries soon as guys there are also looking for it desperately. Are you?

Via: UnwiredView


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