[Play Store Deals] 56 Free Premium Apps, Games, and Icon Packs


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Here we are back once again with Play Store Deals of premium apps and games that can be yours for completely free. If you are not aware of, we regularly bring you a vast list of apps and games when they go for sale on the Google Play Store.

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All the below-listed premium icon packs will be free for a limited time only. Thus, make sure to download the ones you like before its too late. Once installed on your smartphone, these apps will be yours for a lifetime. In case you switch to a new phone or use multiple devices, they can be installed on them too.

Our list for today is special as we have compiled only those premium paid apps, games, and icon packs who are completely free. Make sure to go through all of them and grab them before the deal ends.

Free Premium Paid Apps, Games, and Icon Packs

Sr. No.




Play Store Link

01AppsVLSM Calculator$0.99 FREEDownload
02AppsLimitless Paint$2.99 FREEDownload
03AppsMIDI Voyager Pro$5.99 FREEDownload
04AppsWeather Radar Pro$5.49 FREEDownload
05AppsMyScript Calculator 2$3.99 FREEDownload
06AppsFaceAtom$0.99 FREEDownload
07AppsEnglish for all! Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
08AppsGenetic Helper$0.99 FREEDownload
09AppsNumberwiz$0.99 FREEDownload
10AppsTotal Media Player Pro$4.49 FREEDownload
11AppsQR and Barcode Scanner PRO$1.49 FREEDownload
12AppsDim Night Mode Screen – Blue Light Filter$1.49 FREEDownload
13AppsComplex Number Calculator | Polar Complex Calc$1.99 FREEDownload
14GamesSOMEDAY$0.99 FREEDownload
15GamesCaveman Chuck Adventure$9.99 FREEDownload
16Gamesinvasion Zombie$3.09 FREEDownload
17GamesDescent: Death Valley$1.59 FREEDownload
18GamesDark Tower$9.99 FREEDownload
19GamesBuff Knight Advanced – Retro RPG Runner$0.99 FREEDownload
20GamesWord Gram Pro$1.99 FREEDownload
21GamesMystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG$3.99 FREEDownload
22GamesCannon Master VIP$0.99 FREEDownload
23GamesThe Hunt for the Lost Treasure$2.99 FREEDownload
24GamesSuperhero Fight: Sword Battle – Action RPG Premium$0.99 FREEDownload
25GamesInfinity Dungeon 2 VIP – Summon girl and Zombie$1.99 FREEDownload
26GamesThe Lonely Hacker$2.99 FREEDownload
27GamesSword Knights: Idle RPG (Premium)$0.99 FREEDownload
28GamesMini Arcade Golf: Pocket Tours$1.99 FREEDownload
29GamesCashKnight (Soul Event Version)$9.99 FREEDownload
30GamesOrbt XL$0.99 FREEDownload
31GamesSpace Shooter: AsaP Bullet Hell Red$2.99 FREEDownload
32GamesFunTime Cards For Kids$0.99 FREEDownload
33GamesHidden object PRO$0.99 FREEDownload
34GamesCan You Escape – Fear House Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
35GamesCan You Escape – Rescue Lucy from Prison PRO$0.99 FREEDownload
36GamesCan you escape prison – Portal PRO$0.99 FREEDownload
37GamesEscape Games: Fear House 2 Pro$0.99 FREEDownload
38GamesSpace escape PRO$0.99 FREEDownload
39GamesTry to escape PRO$0.99 FREEDownload
40Icon PacksCRAYONIC ICON PACK$0.99 FREEDownload
41Icon PacksPyro – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
42Icon PacksBlack & White HD – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
43Icon PacksCircle Max – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
44Icon PacksCubemax 3D – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
45Icon PacksDeep Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
46Icon PacksGold Pro – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
47Icon PacksGrand – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
48Icon PacksIrex – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
49Icon PacksPlatin – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
50Icon PacksPlax – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
51Icon PacksWin Circle – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
52Icon PacksDoodle Pixel – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
53Icon PacksSailfish – Icon Pack$1.49 FREEDownload
54Icon PacksOne UI Pie – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
55Icon PacksMandala Icon Pack$1.49 FREEDownload
56Icon PacksBOLT Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload

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Hope you guys liked our Play Store deal compilation for this week. Stay tuned to GoAndroid for more deals like this.


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