Ported Pixel Launcher v2.1 brings Android Oreo goodies to all


Earlier Google’s stock Android goodies are not for everyone. Apart from a handful of Pixel and Nexus devices, there are other few OEM’s that favor the stock look over the custom UI. However, there is a secondary option for other non-Google devices to sport the now in-trend look.

The Pixel Launcher (exclusive to Pixel devices) was recently ported to work on all devices. That brought the full Pixel launcher experience. And I personally haven’t used any other launcher since. This was done by AmirZ and deleteScape’s joint efforts. But, the ever-evolving world of Android has now seen Android 8.0 Oreo. Correspondingly, the ported Pixel Launcher has also been updated with the new features.

And man, Android Oreo look alone justifies installation. However, some features worthy of mention are the gesture to pull down notifications, Notification Dots, Circle Icons and more. Finally, here is a list of all features.

  • Pull down for notifications
  • Oreo theme backported to older OS versions with Pixel Blue accent colour
  • Notification dots backported to Marshmallow
  • Automatically prompts for notification access so you won’t have to dig through settings menus
  • Fix Android 8 checks so Nexus devices can use all new features
  • Show icon shapes on Android 8 without developer settings enabled
  • Pressing the date widget opens the default calendar app
  • Keyboard properly closes when returning to the home screen from any app
  • Symmetrical hotseat
  • Filter Google Now Launcher from the apps list
  • Pinch to overview
  • Samsung Secure Folder compatibility
  • Backport of circle icons

Source: GitHub

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