Samsung Browser update arrives on the Play Store with night mode and other new features

Samsung has always included its own version of Android browser called the Samsung Browser in all its Galaxy smartphones. It recently introduced the beta version of the browser so that Samsung beta users could get their hands on new features before everyone else.

samsung browswersamsung browswersamsung browswer

The browser was recently updated to the version 6.0. From now on, Samsung browser will be compatible with all Android phones running Android Lollipop 5.0 and above. Samsung has also introduced some new features in this update.

Samsung Browser New Features

The most useful feature is the addition of night mode to the browser app. This has been in use for a long time in other popular Android browsers like Dolphin and UC Browser. Enabling night mode will limit the amount of blue light being emitted from your screen.

Other new features include a High contrast option and the ability to sync all your bookmarks, history, and passwords to the Samsung cloud. A few experimental features like Web Bluetooth and Gamepad extensions are also added to this new update.

Samsung has also introduced a few new ad blocking extensions and has improved the overall performance and the stability of the browser. You can download the APK file of the beta update from here.

Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on the new features added to the Samsung browser.

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