Samsung Galaxy Note 8 codename and model number leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, slated for launch later this year as this month we are waiting for Galaxy S8. It’s arrival in the market is expected by April. Coming onto Note 8, today we have got to know about it s Model number and codename.

galaxy note 8

As per the Sammobile, Note 8 is codenamed as “Great,” it seems similar to the Note 7’s codename, which was “Grace,”. (As well as the thing from which it ultimately fell.) Earlier “Baikal” name was rumored but this new leak has cleared that name from the rumor mill shelf.

The Model Number that leaked for the device is SM-N950, with subsequent letters identifying each region’s model. There’s a jump from N930 to N950 as similar like of Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 is expected to come as SM-G950.

There’s a usual explanation about the skipping of “940”, as “four” it is considered unlucky in the Korean and many other cultures.

There’s one more news, we don;t know it is good or bad. It is rumored that refurbished Note 7 is coming back with the codename “Grace R”. Well’s time will tell how much reality this rumor holds.


Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
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