Samsung Galaxy S III Hits 10 Million Sales


Samsung Galaxy S III bagged a record  by selling over 10 Million handsets in the world. Above figure also reveals that Samsung Sold or selling 190,000 units of Galaxy S3 every single day. The glory is not over as Samsung is expecting to ship 20 million handsets by the fall. News is confirmed by Samsung’s mobile division Hhad Shin Jong-kyun who told the news agency that the Galaxy S3 [quote]has become a 10-million seller[/quote] since it was unveiled.

The new handset figures have perfectly taken over the popular predecessor of the company i. e. the Galaxy S II. The existing iPhone 4S reportedly sold four million units, including pre-orders, during its launch weekend. Sasmung Galaxy S III got 9 Million Pre-Order before 2 weeks of unveiling.

Now how many of you own Galaxy S III?



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