Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Ahead In Sales Despite Patent Trial Loss and iPhone 5 Launch


According to report from localytics suggests that Samsung Sales are still strong despite of patent trial loss and iPhone 5 launch. According to report from localytics the number of Galaxy S3 handsets accessing mobile apps tied to Localytics analytics platform has seen a 9 percent increase on average since the beginning of August. What’s mind blowing is that the number of new Galaxy S3s grew 16% during the week of the Apple patent trial verdict and 15% during the week that Apple announced the iPhone 5.

It seems that Samsung is gaining more rather than losing from patent trial case. By the way today another report came out from US based Pew Internet & American Life Project, which says that Android Tablet Market is growing with 48% share in market. Android is reaching out of limits.  so guys what you think of it?  share your views via comments.


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