Samsung Internet Browser Update arrives in a Beta & Stable phase

Samsung offers one of the best internet browsers of its own which comes pre-installed with all Galaxy smartphones. The company keeps on making it better with new improvements. This time, it has released two different updates for the browser, one in beta, and the other in the stable phase.

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The Beta stage can be identified by version, while the stable phase arrives on the v16.0.5.6 version. With this update, Samsung intended to implement a more satisfying experience for the users. Both versions introduce some new enhancements and bug fixes.

Talking about the Beta version, it does not get any new addition but the build squashes a lot of annoying bugs. According to the changelog, the beta brings several fixes including the error that caused the keyboard to close. Also, unlike earlier, history will now be available always. Take a look at the changelog below for more details.

Beta Changelog

  • Fixed error that caused the keyboard to close when typing in the address bar
  • Solved freezing issue when swipe gestures performed during video playback in full screen
  • Fixed error in which history was not being displayed on some devices
  • Improved stability issues and apply new security patches

If you’re the one flashing the stable version, the URL bar will move down to the bottom of your screen. In addition, the search experience will be enhanced and safe with priority connections. Here is the official changelog of the update.

Stable Changelog

  • Move URL bar to the bottom (optional)
  • HTTPS priority connection (Labs feature)
  • Block tracking by invisible image (“Tracking Pixel”)
  • Enhanced Search Experience in the URL bar

The updated versions are available for global users running Android 7 OS or later on their Galaxy smartphones.

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