Top Three Picks from Disney Interactive Storytelling Apps for Android


Imagine how great it would be for kids and the young-at-heart to have Mickey and his gang, along with the beautiful Disney Princesses and speedy Cars, right on their Android smartphones. It would definitely be a treat for everyone who grew up watching these beloved Disney characters. Well, Android users don’t have to wait any longer, because Disney Publishing Worldwide just released eight new

top disney interactive android apps

Disney-themed interactive storytelling apps that include fun activities, digital stories, and educational games. The apps are available for download via Google Play at special introductory prices. Each app can be purchased at the discounted price of $0.99. If you’re a die-hard Disney fan, you may also purchase all eight for only $7.92. Here’s a quick rundown of our top three picks:

Mickey’s Paint and Play

mickey paint and play top disney interactive android apps

With this 3D Disney-themed animated coloring book app, you can paint the entire Clubhouse gang and watch them come to life right on your mobile device. The app comes with unlimited combinations of colors, stickers, patterns, and tools, so you can paint your favorite Clubhouse characters in any way you like. The app basically lets you create your own Clubhouse world: change the color of Mickey’s house, paint the wallpapers in different hues, turn Goofy’s hat into blue, or even make rainbow-colored cupcakes! For added entertainment, you can even turn your paintings into fully animated 3D characters and watch them explore their newly painted Clubhouse. This app is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers, as they can learn all about colors, line, form, symmetry, 2D, and 3D. It’s also a great app to have on your business phone if you want to pass time during boring meetings at work.

Disney Princess: Story Theater

disney princess top disney interactive android apps

Ever wanted to change Cinderella or Belle’s happy endings and add more twists to tales as old as time? With Disney Princess: Story Theater, you can! This app lets you create your own animated Disney Princess movie with Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella as the main characters. Imagine yourself as the director; you get to select the settings, props, actions, and characters and decide how the story will end. You can even record your voice and use the puppet theater tools to make your tale more magical and exciting. It also comes with multi-touch capability, so you and your kids can play and create stories together. With the imaginative story play activities it offers, Disney Princess: Story Theater can definitely help children develop their literacy skills, as well as their creativity, at an early age.

Cars 2 Read and Race

cars 2 top disney interactive android apps

The app’s name says it all: it’s a digital storybook and a racing game in one. With Read and Race, you can explore the interactive world of Cars 2 and race along with your favorite characters, including Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli. After you’ve finished the story, the app lets you race through the streets of Porto Corsa, Tokyo, London, and Radiator Springs with your own team of customized race cars. You can create your own 3D supercar with all the works—modified exhaust pipes, aerodynamic spoilers, powerful engine, Euro headlights, and gigantic tires. To make the experience more interactive and engaging, the app comes with a device-tilting racing technology that lets you tilt your device to maneuver your car’s way around the racecourse. This app’s great not only for kids, but also for car and racing enthusiasts.

Check out Google Play for more interactive Disney-themed apps.

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