Samsung Promises To Get Wireless 5G by 2020


The Korean company – Samsung reported that it has developed new core technology in its developers office’s that provides data transmission several hundred times faster than current networks that is 100 times more than the 4G network. Samsung announced recently that it will energize the research on the 5G network to get more benefits out of it. Also it will be commercialized by them in the far coming year 2020.

Samsung says that it has developed the “world’s first” adaptive array transceiver which they say is able to operate in millimeter-wave bands. It has also overthrown the issue to project signals to long distances. The core system is able to transmit data in this band at a frequency of 28GHz at a speed of up to 1.056Gbps to a distance of 2 KM which is much much more than what 4G network provides us Today and that is not something not to be missed . as we can only dream for this speed today.

“The millimeter-wave band is the most effective solution to recent surges in wireless Internet usage. Samsung’s recent success in developing the adaptive array transceiver technology has brought us one step closer to the commercialization of 5G mobile communications in the millimeter-wave bands.” commented ChangYeong Kim (Samsung executive vice president and head of digital media and communication R&D).

Also they say that this will be very well known to send UHD/UltraHD/Ultra High-Definition games and media to over distances without any streaming issues.

Source: Samsung Global

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