Android Developers Can Respond To App Reviews In Play Store


Google has finally added Developers response to user review in the Play Store. It is developed under a pilot program that began last year and was expanded in January. Android Developers response to its App reviews will be visible to all under user’s comment.

android developers response

If we see this option overall than its going to offer Android users some useful information about complaints, bug reports and developers can give general feedback from their Google Play Developer Console. Even it helps Play Developers for improving their apps and building strong relationships with their users. Here are some things you need to know while viewing or responding to user comments( for both developers and users):

  • Check reviews frequently, and involve people from all parts of your organization
  • Identify and prioritize bugs based on user impact
  • Let users know when their problems are resolved
  • Reply constructively to both negative and positive reviews
  • Refer users to documentation or other support channels
  • Get ideas about new improvements or features
  • Thank the users who are your biggest advocates

It will also filter the bad and good developers as you can also see that comment has been edited after its original posting.

Source: Android Developers Blog


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