The Beginning of Android


Google has become the number one search engine website in the whole world. True enough that Google has been phenomenal in showing its worth to the people right to the extent that entrepreneurs and marketers are striving for ways to win Google’s heart.


Google has indeed paved the way towards better research for everyone who wants to conveniently look and know something in just one click. Thus, with Google’s outstanding performances, it has produced different pieces of software and operating systems that has left the world stunned. Some of these are the software that Google provides for marketing and advertising entrepreneurs products through the research process alone. Search engine optimization has become a widely known phenomenon that makes every business man strive for making it to the top of the list of Google.

On the other note, as far as Google Chrome is involved, it has also been stated that Google makes enormous amount of money through Chrome. Google chrome by itself is something that everyone knows about. According to research, Google makes 8billion dollars out from research alone, which could be stated as true or false, according to various opinions.

In addition, Android has also been a part of the Google family since 2005 when Google decided to partner with Linux in producing this system. Google backed Linux up financially and thus garnered the fruits of it 2 years after when they firstly revealed Android and its capabilities. This is the reason why we are enjoying the operating system that entertains us in our touch screen mobiles or tablets.  After a while, Google decided to partner and release the Android code in Apache License, which connotes that any device companies can change or modify the system for them to add up extraordinary features to their own mobile phones for sale.

Hence, smart phones are produced that we are now apparently enjoying. Google has indeed gave a fair chance to all those device companies that want to compete with Apple per se, which has been embraced by Samsung firstly. Everybody knows that Samsung produces mobile phones that can not only amount to Apple’s performance but exceeds it. Having the first Samsung Galaxy featuring the Android O.S. had made Samsung a phenomenal mobile phone ever since, especially their Galaxy versions.

True enough that the competition between Samsung and Apple are becoming more uptight, since the former still releases updated features of systems that they say ‘imitates’ that of the latter. The competition was so uptight that even right to the extent that Samsung and Apple are facing almost consistent court trials and hope they could shut each other down.

On the other note, telecommunication companies such as RingCentral are also now making it easy for you to avail just about any service that can improve the features of your phone, so that you can use it not only for entertainment but also for business purposes.

For whatever it is worth, Android had truly changed the course of the lives of people, especially to those who always wanted to enjoy the pursuits of Apple phones but just cannot seem to afford them. True enough that there will be another updated features and phones that will be released some time this year, but what captures the hearts of the people is the performance of the phone itself, not just the operating system per se.

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