HTC Sense 5 Update For J Butterfly Coming This Month


The phone that shook and Android Market, and also had a great impact on sales for HTC is now set for Sense 5 update, by the end of this month. As you know Sense is a user interface developed by HTC, and sense 5 is as expected to be more awesome.

sense 5 update

Mainly focusing to increase production capacity of HTC One, due to large number of users, HTC decided to reveal some good news for J Butterfly users too. According to the company’s stand man, the updates would start rolling out by the end of this month.

This update would have new features, which the HTC One already has, Sense 5.0, BlinkFeed, also slide show feature.However there is still confusion whether this update would be available for the Verizon version of J Butterfly or not, which the company is offering for 2 year contract.



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