“Shortlists” visible for certain Google Maps users on Android


Back at Google I/O 2018, Google has given us sneak-peek of new features and improvements debuting on its various services and apps. Some of them have gone live over the past gone days and some still on the way. As such, one among the promised features that is going live now, at least for some users though, is the Shortlists on Google Maps.

As per the source, it seems Google Maps is showing a new pop-up while searching for places or venues on Google Maps in certain user’s phones. It’s none other than the pop-up for the Shortlists feature which Google explained at I/O. In case if you missed it, the Shortlists is nothing but a group planning feature for Maps which allows users to create a list of places, share them with a group, and the invitees can vote or add more suggestions.

If it’s live on your device, then you’d be able to see a pop-up in the form of a floating orbital when you search for places in Maps. The floating orbital would suggest you to “Add To The Shortlist“, the place you’ve currently searched for or is in the search results.

In order to add a place the shortlists, you may either tap and hold on them when you’re in search results, or you get the option when you view a place and tap to share it. On the contrary, if you want to trash the any of the shortlisted places, drag the bubble down to the bottom of the screen. There are also some other handy options such as sharing with friends for their opinions and more.

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As said earlier, the Shortlists is visible only for few users and it’d take a while for the feature to reach every user’s end. It’s a phased server side roll-out so even if you update the Google Maps to the latest version it’s not necessary to see the Shortlist floating orbs. In case if it’s showing up on your GMaps, hit the comment section below to say your views on the new feature.

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