Skype calls are now possible via Alexa-enabled devices


Skype is one of the most used as well as the oldest video calling service available. The service has evolved a lot over the years since its initial release. Now as we are in the era of smart home appliances, Skype has been updated to support the same. If you have one of those Alexa-enabled devices at your places, you can now make Skype calls via them.


Back in September, Amazon and Microsoft announced that Skype service will be coming to the Alexa-enabled devices later this year. And now within two months of the announcement, Skype call feature is live for the users to utilize right before the holidays. To use this feature, you will have to link your Skype account with that of Alexa.

First of all, open the Alexa app installed on your smartphone. Go to Settings -> Communication -> Skype and sign into your account. That’s it, you are good to go. To make Skype calls via your Alexa-enabled device, use the command ‘Alexa, call (your contact here) on Skype‘ or ‘Alexa, Skype (your contact here)‘. Both voice and video calls are supported but you are limited to voice calls if your Alexa device doesn’t have a display and a camera(like Amazon Echo Show).

Skype is even offering a total of 200 free minutes of Skype to phone for two months(100 minutes per month) for users when they link their Skype account with Alexa. But, this offer is limited to only 34 countries.

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