Snapchat 10.4 beta allows to add friends to Home Screen


Snapchat has rolled out new version 10.4 beta on Android. There are some major and minor changes in the latest build. Snapchat has added an option to add friends profile shortcut to Home Screen.

snapchat beta

After updating your app, you need to head over tot he device widgets menu. There you will see 4*1 widget for most-contacted friends and 1*1 widget to manually pick any friend for shortcut. Users can initialize a conversation with that person, where you can easily send messages and Snaps.

As like the other widgets, you can even resize the widgets after establishing it on homescreen. There’s a catch in order to use this feature, only friends with Bitmoji connected to their Snapchat accounts can access it.

User can head over to the Play Store to download the latest Snapchat beta 10.4 version.


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