Sony Launches An Open Source Project For Xperia Z


Its the second Open Source Project launched by Sony For Sony Xperia Z. Earlier, last year back in August Sony launched same kind of project for Xperia S smartphone. It means the software from the Xperia Z will be open and available for developers to use.

The Open Source Project will be headed by Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, the two engineers that ran the initial project. This project will help developers and tinkerers to make contributions to Android, and to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro platform. Company explains it as:

“It’s part of our ongoing commitment to support and collaborate with the Android community – the Sony software code will be open for external developers to work with and contribute to.”

So its clear that the company is encouraging developers to get involved and contribute to the open source community. If you are a developer and want to get involved, you can head over to the link below to find the code on Sony’s GitHub page.

Source: Github


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