Thor: Lord of Storms Surfaces For Android


Animoca has launched new game for Android, Thor: Lord Of Storms. It a new action defense game based on on Norse mythology. The game is already available for download from the past week. Earlier, last year it got disappeared from iOS ecosystem without much explanation.

thor lord of storms

This game plays out as a side-scrolling action game where you will need to send out troops to push back said waves of monsters. Its full features are listed below:

  • Simple controls, deep and challenging gameplay
  • Fight your way and destroy dark magical portals throughout the worlds of Yggdrasil
  • Choose a mighty champion of Norse mythology: Thor the Thunderer, Freya the Enchantress, or Brunhilde the Fierce
  • Upgrade your hero to improve your stats and unlock new skills
  • Summon Odin, Eir, Tyr, and other mythical creatures to aid you in battle
  • Build up and upgrade your armies to defeat the harbingers of Ragnarok
So if you want to try it then head over to the Play Store link below.
Source: Play Store


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