Sony Xperia Z Assembling In 5 Mins [Video]


Sony Xperia Z Assembling

Sony Xperia Z, launched at Ces 2013 last week, much talked phone at CES 2013, Fully Waterproof Device and device to run on Quad Core Snapdragon S4 processor. Introduction is ok? Sony has revealed its Xperia Z’s assembling video on its official Youtube Channel. Sony says:

Carefully and thoughtfully constructing new Sony gadgets via an exclusive video shown during the Sony Press Event. It served as a countdown clock in anticipation of what was to come. It even shows one of our newest Xperia phones torn open. So find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy the next 5 minutes.

Watchout Video of Sony Xperia Z Assembling:

In video Sony shows off how Sony Xperia Z can be assembled in just 5 minutes. We can also say it as inverse teardown.

So howz the video?


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