Sony Xperia Z1 Pre-Order Open In Europe – Bundled With Free Smartwatch 2 or A QX Lens


The Sony‘s latest flagship smartphone is now available for pre order in the Europe the Sony online store or local carriers and retailers. With also some UK offers include free content but also a free Smartwatch 2 or a free QX lens.


Here are the official prices of the Xperia Z1, when ordering it directly from Sony in various markets:

  • France: €699
  • Germany: €679
  • Italy: €699
  • Netherlands: €699
  • Spain: €699
  • Sweden: 5,995kr
  • UK: £599

For the buyers in UK , be very attentive when choosing an offer to buy the Z! as there are more interesting offer to coke. and if yo have found the best offer then don’t hesitate to think that there will be another offer that will be better than this one.



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