Sony Xperia Z5 Pink Arriving Next Month


Sony plans to launch pink Xperia Z5 in January 2016 in Taiwan. According to reports the new Pink Xperia Z5 will arrive just in time for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.


Moreover note that the images are not leaked shots of the upcoming pink variation of the Xperia Z5, rather fan-created concept renders. There have been no leaks about the pink Z5 up to this point.This isn’t the first time that Sony will have offered an exclusive color option to a retailer. The Purple Xperia Z3 was available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the UK back in January 2015, so we may be looking at a similar deal with the Xperia Z5 this time around.


Till now their is not any official word on it but through pictures and company’s legacy we think their will be a Pink Xperia Z5 in late January 2016.

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