Sprint LG G6 starts getting November Security Patch along with Blueborne fix


Sprints rolls out November security patch on LG G6 along with the Blueborne fix. The update comes with the software version LS993ZV9 and it is available over the air. This is update is very important for your device as it is packed with Blueborne fix.


Blueborne vulnerability is the bluetooth based vulnerability was discovered. Under this any user can hack your device who is within your bluetooth circle without even you getting any notification of his connection to your device.

Coming back to update, the main highlight of the update is November Security Patch and Blueborne fix. November Security Patch brings fixes to 61 Android vulnerabilities. If you don’t see the notification arriving on your device in the next few days, you can choose to manually download the update by heading to Settings > Software update. As always, don’t forget to sufficiently charge your device and make sure you’re connected to a trusted Wi-Fi device.


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