Spyware apps that steals your data detected in Google Play Store

A recent security research by a firm called Lookout has revealed that the Google Play Store is yet again affected by a malware. This time the app which is infected is a messaging app called Soniac, created by Sonicspy. Sadly, this app has been there since February and it has already been downloaded by thousands of users.

google play store spywareSimilar to the Judy Malware, which affected millions of Android phones recently, Soniac is also a malware which has a potential to cause a huge loss of data.  It has been reported that app, without the knowledge of the user steals private information like call logs and contact information.

The app’s server has been traced back to Iran and it seems to be sending out other data like the WiFi access points and other personal information stored in the phone.

However, the report doesn’t confirm whether the app could retrieve stored passwords from other apps installed on the phone yet. If it could, then it would be a major security issue.

Surprisingly, the app has been removed three times from Google already. Once by Google and twice by the developers of the app themselves. Lookout has also mentioned that the app has already been installed in thousands of Android phones and Google has not commented on this issue yet.

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