TensorFlow Lite helps apps stay smaller and faster in Android O

Google I/O 2017 kicked off with a keynote from the CEO, Sundar Pichai highlighting the growth of Android.  In the keynote, Sundar Pichai revealed that the number of monthly active Android devices now exceeds 2 billion.

tensorflow lite helps apps stay smaller and faster in android o

It was the very first day of I/O 2017 and we already made you aware of what to expect from Google I/O this year. One of the most important announcements being, Android O Beta Launch. With Android O, Google is focused on creating fluid experiences that make Android even more powerful and easy to use. Android O, in future, will take advantage of an upcoming project based on Tensor Flow, Google’s open source machine learning library.

In order to make Android O faster and more fluidic. Google announced TensorFlow Lite that can help apps to be smaller in size yet perform at faster speeds utilizing machine learning on smartphones.

As per Google, TensorFlow Lite will help developers enable state-of-the-art machine learning and on smartphones with silicon-specific processes. Google also indicated that new and updated processors will be required to take advantage of TensorFlow Lite.

At this time, we have very limited information about TensorFlow Lite. We’ll learn much more about TensorFlow Lite as Google I/O progresses.

Mohit Mahendru
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