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Textra SMS, is a recently released App on Google play which replaces the basic messaging App and is very light and Responsive and is the best replacement to the users who are not happy with the stock messaging app. Its the best App for the people who have laggy messaging App like me. If you are in the same boat like i am you need to install this app and feel the difference between the stock version and the Textra SMS App.

Designed for Speed

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While the stock android messaging App do have a lot features like Drafts and setting message limiting a single thread that are surely necessary but what’s the use if the App doesn’t even loads in a sec or 2. Yes the  Textra SMS App leaves all these basic features like making drafts and personalization of messages but just only focuses on flashing messages on the screen and allow replying in a flash just from the screen.

The In-Messaging features are pretty nice with upto 800 new Emoticons.  The new Pop up window opens  allows to read the thread and also reply to the Sender with a message without even changing a screen or even opening the App. This will not only enhance multitasking and also make RAM always cleared all the Time on low budget Androids.Textra SMS also supports emoji, which you can enable by installing a free plugin by Delicious Inc. Actually the Developers of this Awesome app are the same as that of  Delicious Inc.

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textra sms messaging app

If you want to personalize notification style and notification segregation then  the App is again for you The App allows nice user editable notification style. You can simply choose which contact will comply which notification Rules by simply Holding the contact from the list for too long and assigning different settings to the contact . You can even control the volume of the Notification,Also you can add another tone to notify with also managing the vibration strength of the phone(This one is a pretty feature). Also for Supported devices the LED notification color can also be set with ease.

The Verdict

Are you having hard time while texting an messaging on your Phone then you must give it a try and ditch your stock android messaging  App. The App is being regularly Updated along with taking customer requests over to development of a better and more effective App.

If still you are confused while making a change over to your Messaging App then  just skip fora couple of days . Work over this and if you feel its productive than be with it or just revert back by deleting it 😛 . This awesome App is free and you can Download it from Google Play .

Get Textra SMS From Google Play


  1. LOOKS like message size problems….pics and messages frequently freeze with green dots or an exclaamation point …….


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