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From womb to deathbed, stress is inescapable. And the daily activities of the average man or woman make up a large part of that stress. There are always things to accomplish for the day and a list of things to do for the next, which is why programmers and developers make apps to help people organize tasks, events and leisure. In fact, there are so many programs that choosing one that is the best for a person’s lifestyle or capacity to use become difficult, adding to the stress. Task management software vary greatly in interface aesthetics, loading speed, usability, frequency of updates to meet users’ needs and other features.

 best-android apps to simplify life

An organizer application is obviously best accessible on mobile devices to facilitate viewing. The hassle of opening laptops and desktops to view the program block the productivity instead of helping it. Chosen from objective reviews in forums and websites, the most popular to-do list managers are discussed below.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is probably one of the longest surviving electronic task managers. Like the business phone system, it has maintained its popularity because it combines simplicity of use with power features. For both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, users can organize RTM accordingly: by priorities, due dates, time estimates, lists, tags, locations, etc. a new update to Android allows the interface to work with vertical columns, much like the iOS version.

remember the milk simple life apps

The free version allows users to sync with the website once every 24 hours for back-ups; the Pro permits unlimited syncing. Use of RTM, used online and offline to manage activities, boost productivity and achievements. The lists and tags feature gives the user the option of prioritizing some tasks over others, based on due date, urgency or importance. There is also an optional due date for or none at all for recurring tasks. Remember the Milk has one annoying/welcome feature – if configured, it incessantly reminds the user of a chore through email, SMS or instant messaging.

Download : Remember the Milk simplify android apps launched to immense success and has now added a calendar, Gmail integration and converts emails into actionable items. The Cal has many new fonts and background images for a visually striking interface and navigation is the same for most online calendars, with tasks for the day displayed on it. Its unique Moment feature allows the user to set a due date and a reminder for important or urgent tasks in a single screen. It has folders for Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday and the user can drag tasks or create new ones for placement in the appropriate folder. The daily format has buttons marked Today, Later, Done and Delete and clicking the applicable button shows what have been accomplished or still need to be done.

Recommend: works by voice recognition or predictive text; it has reminders to return missed calls and has quick text messaging for people the user can’t talk to at that moment.



wunderlist play store

Wunderlist has a clean and easy to use design and works on multiple platforms, making it one of the top to-do apps used today. It automatically syncs across other devices so the user can access the program on desktops, the Web, laptops and other gadgets. Collaboration with friends and co-workers is permitted and there is a recurring tasks list, reminders, text messaging and a note for writing down something. Wunderlist Pro allows the user to delegate work to others and create unlimited subtasks.

Electronic task management has become a necessity for people with busy lifestyles. Organizer apps take on the role of virtual assistants that work round the clock with no days off. Stress levels go down and there is more time for family and friends bonding, raising the overall quality of life.

Download: Wunderlist

Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
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