Google Launches ‘Views’ Site For Photo Spheres Gallery


Google has unveiled new community site for Photosphere images known as Views. You can share your photosphere images and can also publicly contribute and geo-tag around the global to Google Maps.


Google is constantly updating its Street View imagery to be more comprehensive, and with photo spheres, which are simply 360º panoramas (not unlike Street View shots) that can be taken with Android phones (4.2+). Ultimately it will allow Google to increase its image library. Google said panoramas created with a DSLR would also upload to Views.

What is Photo Spheres ?

It was introduced in Android 4.2, and allowed users to make the panoramas using a smartphone or tablet, and would allow for multiple vertical layers to be added to enhance the sphere further.

Google Maps and Photo Sphere product manager Evan Rapoport said, “Since Views also incorporates the Street View Gallery, you can check out incredible panoramas of our most popular Street View collections, from the Grand Canyon to the Swiss Alps, Just click on ‘Explore’ at the top of the Views site to browse a map of these special collections right alongside community-contributed photo spheres.”

Check below how to create a photosphere:

Source: Google LatLong Blog

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