Top 5 Great Root Apps for Android Device

top 5 great root apps for android device

Android phones are incredible devices which give the users lots of fun and entertainment apart from being an effective communication instrument. The wide range of apps makes these devices interesting and useful. Yet only a small amount of Android users are able to explore the complete potentials of their cellphone devices.

Though Android is a customizable interface but by rooting the android based phone renders you a complete control over it. The process of rooting can be an entertaining thing apart from giving you a wide range of benefits. If you take a plunge and decide to root your android device, the list of couple of root apps enlisted below can help you a lot.

1) ROM Manager

Root-access applications are just the tip of the iceberg, the moment you start flashing ROMs you enter into a new world for your android devices. Rom Manager permits you to flash invariably every ZIP to your cellphone device whether it is the app package, kernel, ROM or radio image. It does all these things using Koush (Koushik Dutta’s ClockworkMod Recovery). The moment you select any flash-able ZIP file or a ROM, the ROM manager will start the automatic reboot process of your cellphone device and flash it via ClockworkMod.

The other important features of ROM manager are to organize and perform backups and restore any data within the Android OS and install ROMs using your SD card.

2) Wireless Tether

It is an effective application which supports you to tether without using any wired internet connection like using LTE, Edge, 2G, 3G or 4G. The tethering process can be simply carried out using any ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection or even through Bluetooth. It is a customizable and secured application which means that you have the freedom to use your own WEP encryption keys with MAC and SSID.

In fact for many users the tether attribute is considered to be one of the most desired features since it helps you to turn your android based phone of any carrier into a full blown wi-fi hotshot for the nearby devices which require it. Hence if you are travelling, Wireless Tether becomes mandatory for you as it connects you to internet.

3) SetCPU

It is an important application for changing your CPU settings along with the capacities of underclock or overclock on any rooted android device just to enhance the performance or to save battery life. This application also helps the users to build up powerful profiles to simply change the CPU speed under some specific conditions like during phone charging, sleep mode, battery level dropping below a certain level, device temperature rising too high etc.

4) LBE Privacy Guard

The LBE Privacy Guard V2 was recently released and its previous version was discontinued, hence you can have an updated application now. This is considered to be one of the best privacy guards for Android users. LBE Privacy Guard is like firewall software which also has few elements of Windows UAC thrown inside. It sits in the background and simply listens to your apps as they seek different permissions and then it gives the user a notice with choices to either deny or grant access.

5) Market Enabler

There are few applications, especially the paid ones which cannot be seen over the Market depending upon the region where you live in. Market Enabler helps you to spoof your cellphone network region and thus allows you to access apps which can be otherwise difficult to install.

If you want to enjoy a wide range of applications over your android based phones then having any of these root application is a must. These would help you to make your android phones more interesting and useful.

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Simranpal Singh
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