Top Action Games on Android for HardCore Gamers

Here is a list of cool action games that every Android gamer must try out.Have a look at these.

Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour

modern combat 4

The fourth sequel of the game, Modern Combat.Definitely a must play game if you are looking for some hardcore gaming right on your Android Smartphone.The gameplay is quite impressive and responsive too. It involves around US Soldiers who have to save the nation and president from a terrorist group attack.There are different level and modes of game in which you can play and test your skills.Now the really cool point in the game is that either you can become a terrorist and complete terrorist objectives or simply you can be the counter action force and protect the nation. So the variety in the game gets double. The graphics and the visual effects are quite impressive.

Download: Modern Combat

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

mass effect

This is indeed a popular game in the Play Station. And now the developers of the game have made this awesome thing available for Android platform and iOS too. Another EA Sports game which promises you the entertainment you are looking for.You are a agent in the gamer and have to save the world from alien attacks.There are various weapons and armors in the game. You can change weapons and bio powers of your player.There are also effects like stealth clock abilities and melee attacks to add more flavor to the game.

Download:  Mass Effect Infiltrator

Max Payne

max payne

Max Payne, I bet there would be no gamer who hasn’t played this game. now the award winning game is now available on the play store too. The story plays the same oas the PC version of the game. You are a detective and taking revenge from some gangsters who killed your wife.There are many weapons and bullets, and regular painkillers to help you addict to this awesome game. Now on the smartphone the game experience is also good, and one really gets addicted to it right away. So if you do not want to kill your time, please do not instal this ;). However he hard core mobile gamers, it is must try.

Download: Max Payne

Dead Trigger :

dead trigger

Dead trigger is also one really good game for the Android as well as the iOS users.The game revolves around missions and you have to survive various Zombie Attacks. Missions like supplying medicines , protecting some regions, rescuing some people from the zombie prone areas. There are hell lot of weapons in this game. As you kill more zombies, more weapons are unlocked and then you can buy them if you have money. The graphics and the visual effects are also quite impressive. So also must try this game. Also, it is a very light game and offers great experience, for the cost of nothing.

Download: Dead Trigger

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Umpreet Singh
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