Truecaller crosses more than 100 Million active users daily

Truecaller has just revealed their achievement to hit more than 100 Million daily active users through their blog post. It is a great achievement for an app like Truecaller. The idea for this was to recognize unknown numbers behind calls we receive daily. In India calls from unknown numbers is a major concern and to solve those issues the app has been developed, so let’s know more about this contact recognizing app.

truecaller crosses more than 100 million active users daily

In developing countries like India, this app is performing surprisingly good and a majority of users for Truecaller belongs to India. As per Alan Mamedi(CEO and Co-founder Truecaller), they have never wondered How a small app can gather that big family all over the world. The app was first showcased for Blackberry devices and till then smartphone industry has evolved a lot. To cope up with the changing industry trends Truecaller has progressed a lot. Now it is more than a contact recognizing app and can perform various functions like calling, messaging, Flash messages and payment services.

Truecaller working

Unknown calls are a big trouble in all regions and somehow women are affected more by this. The app has become a source of women safety in a number of countries now. Every coin has two sides, Truecaller comes with great advantages but at the same time, it does have some flaws. Truecaller gathers all of your contact lists and then work by informing the name associated with different contact numbers. This can get worse if the data related to your contacts leaked, recently we have witnessed that how a big firm like Facebook can suffer from this.

truecaller crosses more than 100 million active users daily

As mentioned above the app is now feature riched, however, the success of it still relies on the traditional functions like recognizing and blocking unknown numbers. Along with this, all major smartphone manufacturers have cut down the cost of their devices due to which now our world is experiencing internet revolution. Even a small farmer can make use of this app with a minimal limitation of having an internet connection and an Android device.

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