Twitter Android App Update Out In the Play Store


Twitter has rolled out another update to its Android App with some new search features and filter options and much more. You can download the update by heading to the Play Store link from the source below.

twitter update search

Twitter now lets you easily toggle between Top Tweets and All Tweets, while a button on the right-hand side of the search bar lets you choose exactly what you’re looking for – be it photos, videos, news, people or everything.

“New filters in search help you quickly find exactly the Tweets and people you’re looking for. And now you have the option to view all Tweets –– simply toggle between top Tweets and all Tweets at the top of your search results,” Twitter noted in a blog post.

A new Trending timeline is available under the Discover tab, which doesn’t only show trends and hashtags but also the tweets that revolve around them.

Source: Twitter


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