Ubuntu Live Wallpaper In Play Store


Ubuntu Live Wallpaper

Actually i don’t like live wallpapers but this one is pretty awesome and beautiful and i can even say its good replica of   recently announced Ubuntu for Phones lock screen or ‘Welcome Screen’. Guys i say must try it if are big fan of Ubuntu for Phones. Checkout features for Ubuntu Live Wallpaper:

  • Animated background
  • Integration with the system clock
  • Battery integration
  • Double tap on the wallpaper to see available features
  • For tablets and phones
  • More features are coming (clock/date format change and ‘circle’ repositioning are next on the list)
  • This wallpaper don’t work in the background! You can check this – clock change animation is fired up when you are returning on your home screen. The only reason for this is because wallpaper is ‘frozen’ when not on the screen. 
  • You can move this wallpaper to sdcard to reduce size below 2MB, but remember – if you unmount sdcard then wallpaper will be replaced by default!
Currently its in beta so there will be some bugs,  and the developers are all to aware of performance issues affecting some devices.
So going to install it?


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