Use NFC Tags With Your Android Phone

use nfc tags with your android phone

What exactly are NFC tags?

NFC or Near Field Communication tags are not only beneficial for MasterCard pay passes and Google Wallets. In this era of mobile generation, NFC tags are used more frequently with latest Smartphone devices. More and more NFC-equipped Smartphone devices are getting manufactured these days. Modern version Android Smartphone devices with NFC chips are necessary to enjoy the benefits of this sprouting technology. Some of the latest Smartphone devices that features inbuilt NFC chips are Galaxy S2 and NEXUS S (Samsung). Xperia S (Sony), and ONE X (HTC).

NFC tags are also available through several online portals for a price of something around $7 (for a dozen tags). It includes postage charge from the US. Shop around and one can even have the chance to pick these tags for lesser price.


What exactly are these NFC tags?

NFC tags look very similar to small plastic discs. In fact, a single NFC tag is very similar in size as that of a 10 pence piece. They do not require any power source to operate. They can easily draw a little amount of information from the android device to pass it effectively for the interpretation of chips present within the mobile device. NFC tags remains unformatted during the time of purchase. This means they are absolutely blank during the time of purchase (very similar to a brand new USB stick or floppy disc). Writing instructions on these tags can be done only through the help of specialized application programs like NFC Task Launcher. These specialized application programs not only helps in writing data to NFC tags but also bonds the tag suitably with different activities of mobile handset.

Have a look at workplace profile tag creation activity that can be carried out effectively through the help of NFC Tags being inserted in Mobile Phones:

Workplace Profile Tag creation

It can be quite embarrassing if the phone rings while being at workplace. The phone should be put on a silent mode. But, what if someone forgets to put the phone in a silent mode? With the help of NFC tags, such issues can be handled easily without going for any jargon.

The process:

Open NFC Task Launcher. Click ‘Create New Task’ tab. Once it is clicked, the user can see different options like social media applications, wireless connectivity, alarm, sound volume, etc. To configure the phone for harmonious use in workplace environment, the user needs to create a tag. To do so, choose ‘Sounds & Volume’ tag. Click it and then select ‘Ring Type’. There will be options like ‘Ring’, ‘Vibrate’, ‘Silent’, etc. Set it to ‘Silent’ or ‘Vibrate’ and then add it to the Task. Similarly, for other application inclusion to the Task, follow the same procedure but with different tag selection. After the Task has been created, click the ‘Finish’ tab. Then, click the ‘Save for Later’ tab. Provide a snappy name to the Task. The New Task has been created and is ready for use.

NFC has made a formidable entry into the mainstream. Although many 3rd party vendors have not been able to cope up with this technology, but it is one of the latest innovations in mobile technology, Proper use of NFC based solutions can help in making the lives of forthcoming human generation easier.

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