Vonage Mobile App Updated With Voice mail And Many More Features


Vonage has updated its Android Vonage Mobile App with new features and some bug fixes. The big thing that developers have added is the ability to video call, now you can even video call through your Vonage Android App and its even free — without any charges.

Now new version of the app allows you to download and install it on your Android 2.1 and 2.2 devices also, however the video calling is supported on Android 2.3 and above. In video chat you will have the ability to change the camera (front or back). Developers have also incorporated the new User Interface for ease of access. You can  Invite your Facebook friends by visiting the Share Vonage Mobile section. Use Vonage Mobile to call when dialing from your Contacts along with as usual bug fixes.

Additionally it was released last year in month of february.

To get all these features head over to the link below to grab the latest version of the Vonage Mobile App.

Source: Play Store


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