Will a Samsung C-Series smartphone get a dual camera first?


Everybody has been jumping on the dual-camera bandwagon lately. Apple, Huawei, LG, Oppo. You name it. Except for Samsung apparently. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was tipped to come with a dual-camera setup but as we all know that didn’t materialize. So the rumor mill has pegged the Note 8 to feature the in-demand dual-camera setup most likely.

But today we have a well-known tipster going by the name of @mmddj_china – in Twitter has said on his Twitter account that the Samsung Note 8 will not be the first phone to sport the feature. Furthermore, he said that an unknown Galaxy C smartphone will get it first. The tipster has drawn a sketch of the phone he assumes will carry the dual-camera setup. But the details are very vague. We don’t even know which C-series phone will get the lucrative feature. It’s just a Galaxy C.

We would like to point out that a dual-camera on the Note 8 is most likely though, even if the above rumor turns out to be false. We know very well Samsung has the patents lined up for a vertical camera arrangement.

Samsung Files Dual Camera System Patent

Samsung has a habit of testing new hardware and features on devices before going for them all out in a flagship phone. Much like the Edge display, we saw on the Samsung Note Edge or the 6 GB of RAM we saw on the Samsung C9 Pro.

For Now, we will have to wait until August or September which is the when the Note 8 launches to see if these rumors have any substance.

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