Samsung Files Dual Camera System Patent


Samsung filed Dual Camera System Patent last year in march but it has been made public just few days Back. As published by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the patent focuses on the dual Camera System. Even it has been titled as “Digital Photographing Apparatus and Method of Operating the Same”.

This kind of systems are available on some of the present phones are there available in the market. But this is little different, instead of measuring the depth of object, this patent from Samsung allows to zoom on a particular object and processor needs to determine which is the main image on the basis of the object’s motion. In this patent it is mentioned that there’s a wide-angle lens and one with a telephoto lens.

It would prioritize the wide-angle camera, if the velocity of the subject is greater than a predetermined speed, the processor would be the “main” one. If the subject is moving slower than said predefined speed, the telephoto image.

Also, as per the information in the patent document it is listed that it will provide output on the display from both the cameras. This feature also seems to be interesting.

We have inserted some images above so that you guys can understand easily what this patent would do.

Also, until now, there’s no news about the it’s usage in recently launching devices, specially Galaxy S8.


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