Yahoo Revamps Flickr Photo Sharing Site, Giving 1TB Free Space


Yahoo has rolled out a big change for its Flickr Photo sharing Site. Well its quite interesting that complete overhaul came just after the hours of Tumblr deal worth 1.1 Billion. Now Flickr is giving 1TB of free storage to add your images on the platform. CEO Marissa Mayer announced the change to make Flickr ‘awesome again’.

yahoo revamps flickr

According to marissa Mayer the new site will showcase “bigger images” and create a user experience that is “more immersive, more expressive.”

Beside the addition of 1TB in storage space, Yahoo has completely changed its looks by putting images front and center, eliminating white space and simplifying the UI to create a cleaner, easier to use look. The site will now offer a photostream page where the photos of the users you follow will be displayed.

yahoo revamps flickr 3

You can even upload full resolution images to the site and according to a calculation you can upload an average of 537,731 images on 1TB space.

Further, Yahoo has also rolled out update for its Android app depicting some of the changes on web to Smartphone Platform. SImilarly like web, on Android App yahoo focused on eliminating white spaces in the app.

yahoo revamps flickr 1

There’s one more option — you can surf adfree flickr site by shelling $49.95 a year. So are you interested in using the Flickr now or you already been there?

Source: Flickr, Play Store


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