YouTube has more than 1.8 Billion monthly active Userbase

There is nothing unfair if we would call YouTube one of the biggest media consuming platform. Recently some details were revealed by the firm itself which confirms this fact by providing some crazy figures as well. The CEO of YouTube has revealed that there are more than 1.8 Billion registered users monthly that use the service. Considering these facts YouTube has experienced a tremendous response from the viewers and if everything will be fine soon they will create a new benchmark. To settle down that curiosity check out the entire story.

youtube 1.8 billion monthly users

Undoubtedly YouTube is the largest video platform worldwide. If we check the earlier facts then in June 2017 YouTube was having 1.5 Billion registered users visiting every month. Susan Wojcicki(CEO YouTube) himself believe that the growth is mighty and was not easy by any means. So the above-mentioned figures are regarding the registered users still a major community is there which is using the service without even making an account with Google. Although the above present facts display the info about registered users.

As revealed at the Broadcast event, the brand has experienced a growth of 300 Million users which has contributed to its 1.8 Billion user base. Multiple times a lot of queries have been raised against the firm because of fake views, misleading content. In support of this question, YouTube has confirmed that they are looking for fresh 10,000 moderators. There work is to manually check video content that is published on YouTube platform.

The company also emphasized the fact that they will be soon upgrading their policies. Which will result in an overall better experience and an improved security. Most of the times we have seen YouTube deactivating the accounts of innocent users while the one using unfair methods to multiply money still exists. YouTube is working on a better machine learning technology. Which will multiply the efforts employees are doing to make it a better place.

Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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