$25 Google Play Credit Rewarded To All Delayed HTC One Orders: HTC Apologizes


Due to some kind of shortage in parts of HTC One, the company was not able to deliver its early orders on time. The First batch of Flagship suffered delays delays, Now these shortages have ended .

But HTC has recently shown a sense of responsibility towards its customers by rewarding them $25 Google Play Credit . If your order for HTC One has been delayed then YES the company will soon contact you and reward your $25 by which you can buy apps and services from Google Play.

The Official Statement by HTC reads as Follows:

“We realize that your shipment was unexpectedly delayed, but we hope that your new HTC One has been worth the wait! Thanks for your patience and understanding. We appreciate your loyalty to HTC, and as a gesture of our thanks, we would like to give you a complimentary $25 Google Gift Credit.” 

The Picture of the email is Sent from HTC Shop America. So we can’t verify that will HTC be rewarding this to every Country.

Source: AndroidCentral


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